Saving Thea

So I dreamt that I was Oliver Queen from Arrow, and the Joker from Batman was back and after Thea and I.

Jokers Back Story in the dream : He was kept in an insane asylum after the movie The Dark Knight and he became addicted to the drugs they gave him. So he somehow escaped and went on a “Drug Finding Rampage”.

So obviously the Arrow found out about this and wanted to stop the Joker.

But the Joker was much smarter.. At an upcoming party, the Joker made sure that everyone i ever loved was there.

My Back Story in the dream : I was divorced twice. Mother (Moira Queen) was still alive and so was my sister, Thea. (Oh and sometimes i’m a guy in the dream and sometimes i’m a girl_ Weird!)

So then my two ex’s and my family was there. I knew there was something suspicious going on because my two ex’s would never be in the same place. Then some mini bombs went off and i helped everyone escape.

I then got separated from Thea and my mum and i went screaming by everyone to find her. I was with some other guys when we found my mums car by a restaurant and there someone was shooting at us and then we saw someones body in a bag (probably my mum’s), they were still alive but just trapped in it. Then the Joker let me take Thea away and we jumped out of the window to safety.

We walked all night, with a sleeping Thea in my hands, until we found this sort of storage place but it had rooms just for sleeping! So there we found the Joker disguised as one of the workers and we also saw one of my teachers who was acting very unkindly towards us. She was also at the other place where we saw the Joker so that means that she’s probably working for him!

So we tried to get a room by swopping with other people so the Joker couldn’t find us..

Unfortunately this is when i woke up from my dream! ┬áBut it was very cool to actually be “The Arrow”, even if it was only a dream..


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